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Allisee construction and design

High on the priority list for Allisee Autohomes design brief is attention to detail and seamless integration of body to vehicle. With a determination to deliver the most aesthetically pleasing vehicle on the road today Allisee strives to please.

Allisee's success is in part due to being designed in NZ, by New Zealanders for New Zealand. No one understands the challenges of our country better than us so why go offshore? Our country's unique and renown coastal environment creates a magnificent setting for the ultimate recreational vehicle lifestyle, this also determining the requirement for a vehicle with unsurpassed durability in an environment harsher than most vehicles are derived from. Allisee feature a fibreglass lined under floor, fully galvanised chassis and all-aluminium locker construction - set to take the conditions our country can deliver. Not all roads are built equal and this is where Allisee's home grown design is sure to impress, our fully bonded composite body provides the structural integrity, ultimate stiffness and durability whilst minimising joins. Our glass moulded body fairings emulate the elegance of Mercedes right through the side of the vehicle whilst forming a clean seamless facade for locker entry.

The design of the aesthetics and functionality of the Allisee Supremacy definitely come from Andrew Fink's boat building background. The use of space and clean lines that have progressively been used within the top end of the marine industry have also been put to use in the Allisee Supremacy to create a spacious feel without giving up the functionality of having an abundance of large usable storage spaces. One advantage we had in designing the Supremacy was working in conjunction with knowledgeable clients who were able to articulate exactly what had been missing in the luxury motor homes they had been looking at. We were then able to include all of those little things that make your life in a recreational vehicle that much more comfortable and luxurious.

Top of the line fixtures and fittings have been used throughout the vehicle to create a long lasting and elegant luxury motorhome that will continue to attract compliments for many years to come.

Floor Plan (slide-out in)

Allisee Supremacy Floor Plan (Slide-out in)

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Floor Plan (slide-out open)

Allisee Supremacy Floor Plan (Slide-out extended)

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Allisee Autohomes offer industry leading insulation, built on a company philosophy of 'prevention surpasses cure'. With its double laminate curved roof structure, the Supremacy construction method ensures absolute rigidity, water shedding design and an unmatched insulation value. Combined with fully insulated wall and floor structure, the Supremacy's ability to shed the heat or retain the warmth is uncompromising. Unique to its class are the Supremacy's double glazed glass windows. Offering enviable insulation and accoustic properties these are manufactured to our requirements and the glass colour is matched to Mercedes for the seamless transition from Cab/Chassis to Allisee Motor home.

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Features and Specifications

External features

Allisee Supremacy

Large slideout and awning - superior quality built on a Mercedes chassis

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Internal features

Allisee supremacy internal features - by ALM Group New Zealand

Thoughtful design with superb quality of finish, appliances, cabinetry and textiles

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Gallery & Video

Gallery of images of the Allisee Supremacy designed by ALM Group New Zealand

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Technical Specs

Allisee Supremacy technical specifications

Built on the Mercedes Benz Sprinter 519 chassis with 7 speed auto transmission

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